Monday, September 14, 2009

boot camp

I'm going to do something brave today, something I hope I don't regret: I signed up for a 10-week "boot camp" at my gym. For two nights a week, starting tonight, I will be trained in the art of basic fitness by no less than an experienced Marine. No, this is not my idea of a fun time, and I'm definitely nervous that I will hate it and reasonably sure that I will cry. But I need some discipline in my exercise routine, and I'm desperate to get in shape.

Writing a post about it is just one more way to make sure I don't wimp out. Here's to 10 weeks of improving my stamina, strength, and sticktoitiveness!


Augie Doggie said...

You gotta have a certain sadistic temperament to be a Marine-Jack Nicholson, The Last Detail

peachey said...

best of luck!
i hope you don't have to drop and give 'em 50 on the first day.