Monday, September 14, 2009

boot camp #1

I should have known when they made us sign a waiver. 

Well, I didn't cry. I came close, twice. And I thought I was going to throw up a couple of times (it's still a possibility). But I made it through my first boot camp!  Boy was it intense. There was an awful lot of yelling and more than a few commands I didn't understand. The first half we alternated between "On your face! (yes sir!)" and "On your feet! (yes sir!)". After completing each set of exercises, we had to yell "Marine Corps!" Believe me, this is the opposite of advertising after your fifth round of push-ups. Not loud enough?  On your face! Another 10!

For the second, truly tortuous half we headed up to the outdoor tennis court & track. After a couple of laps jogging (easily my favorite part, with a nice sunset view of the city), we assembled into two lines for sadistic sprints (that's right, Augie Doggie). I don't think I've ever run so much in my life. The sergeant was never pleased with our speed, so we had to go back and touch the wall from half court again and again, alternating occasionally with deep squats, push-ups, leg lifts, and plank positions. Besides the push-ups, which I can't yet do properly, I only half-assed one exercise, and I guess the look on my stricken, throbbing face was enough to keep the soldiers' jeers at bay.

It was encouraging to see all shapes, sizes, and ages represented, and to see my own incredulous pain and suffering mirrored on the faces of those around me. Made me proud to be an American. Semper Fi, bitches.

I can't believe I have to do it all over again on Wednesday. 

boot camp

I'm going to do something brave today, something I hope I don't regret: I signed up for a 10-week "boot camp" at my gym. For two nights a week, starting tonight, I will be trained in the art of basic fitness by no less than an experienced Marine. No, this is not my idea of a fun time, and I'm definitely nervous that I will hate it and reasonably sure that I will cry. But I need some discipline in my exercise routine, and I'm desperate to get in shape.

Writing a post about it is just one more way to make sure I don't wimp out. Here's to 10 weeks of improving my stamina, strength, and sticktoitiveness!